We accept devices containing electronics

We accept devices containing electronics, such as

-Computers: Towers, Desktops, Tabletops, Laptops, Server Equipment, anything that can utilize a hard drive.

– Monitors: LCD, CRT, Plasma, TV’s or any device that has a display.

– Phones; Cell, Office, Household, 2-way, CB Radio, Walkie Talkie, Hand Held Communication, Bluetooth.   

– Telecommunications Equipment; Routers, Modem, Network Switches, entire Phone Systems, Rack Mount Devices.

– Tabletop Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, *Possible fee applies with floor rolling Copy Machines

– Battery Back ups, any uninterruptible power supply device.

– Cords, Wires, Adapters, anything with a wire that can be plugged into the wall *Some limitations

– Scrap Electronic Parts; Motors, Circuit Boards, Light Ballasts, Power Supplies, devices or products containing Aluminum, Copper, Silver, or Gold.

– Batteries; LED ACID, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal, Household, Rechargeable. 

– Audio Home/Studio, Studio Equipment, Amplifiers, Rack Mount Devices, Instruments or Audio Devices containing electronics

– Medical Equipment *Contact for details


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