Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

San Diego E-Waste’s policy is to completely remove or destroy any data we receive regardless of the request. In processing your data containing device, all data containing hardware is quickly isolated, erased or degaussed. We can physically destroy the hard drives before you if needed. This method guarantees your data gone for good. San Diego E-Waste also provides a mobile onsite data and hard drive destruction service . We arrive with a machine that can quickly run through a lot of your HHD’s, or other data containing device, degaussing them, removing any data on the disc. We can either collect your hard drives from your order at our warehouse or arrive with a near silent NSA Approved device that can quickly and completely erase any hard drive, solid state drive, or tape. A Certificate of Destruction can also be issued upon request. Our degausser is on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List. Our methods used meets NSA and DoD guidelines. We are able to degauss at the rate of 20 hard drives per minute.